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A nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing preventable health and social problems in communities of need locally and internationally

Our Mission

We are committed to raising funds and awareness to address preventable health and social problems in communities of need. We are a small grass-roots organization allied with similar non-profits across the globe. We aim to keep our overhead as low as possible in order to direct virtually all of the funds raised to the projects themselves. The purpose of the foundation is to fund projects that integrate the disciplines of medicine, public health, the social sciences and law to foster innovative approaches for the promotion of health and well-being and the reduction of disease and suffering.

The Undaunted Carnival Foundation is just over a decade old. During that period of time, we have raised approximately $60,000 and donated nearly $50,000 to help fund projects both locally and internationally. The remainder of those funds are in a savings account, as we have virtually no overhead aside from required fees and permit expenses.

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